Five Colors That Repel Customers

As a customer, have you ever been drawn to click a button because of its highly invoking color? This has possibly happened to you. Basically, if there are colors that attract, there are those that repel your prospects.

Yellow. This color may either be useful or not. For the former, it serves a cheerful hue that somehow makes people look again. However, if you fill up your banner, brochure, or color with lots of yellow, the shade may overpower other elements in the design.

Black. It may be a color of power, but it will never be great for business at all times. The hue may subdue other colors in a layout. Besides, it represents evil elements perfectly, which you may not want to attach to your business image.

Purple. This color is regarded as a representation of wealth and luxury. Nonetheless, it is regarded artificial or untrue. It would somehow nullify the trust factor your business should have received from a prospect. In other words, it does not convert potential clients to loyal customers that well.

Brown. The shade is often associated to males. It could also depict sadness, which is not what you would want in marketing your business. Although it could imply genuine approach to people, it would still work ineffectively in boosting conversions and sales.

Pink. This color may be effective in attracting young girls or female customers, but should not be used for the general audience. It delivers the impression of less professionalism. Although it is not as invaluable as the aforementioned hues above, it still lacks the edge for marketing.

Orange. In both genders, this is among the colors hated the most. Moreover, this shade is a representation of impulse buying, which is not a good thing to enforce, particularly if you are new in the industry.

Besides understanding that there are colors to prevent using in designing business-related materials, you should reconsider letting a professional do the work. By giving the responsibility to a graphic designer, you will not have to worry about any loophole in your designs, possibly repelling your customers.

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