Good Logo Design, a Business Asset

Have you ever asked why clients, individuals or firms, are willing to pay more than a hundred bucks for a logo? From this perspective, you could already deem a business brand highly important for people to spend so much for a small graphic design. There is more explanation behind this, which is broken down below:

Influence. With a logo, you could influence people, including kids as early as three to five years old. Furthermore, it was revealed by a University of Amsterdam research that children tend to recall logos consistently when they reach the age of seven to eight years old. This means that even during early in life, logos could influence through lingering into one’s mind.

Expression. Minus the effort of talking to each person you would meet, showing your logo in front of your local store could already tell the passerby what kind of business you have. It serves as an answer to a certain person’s question of “what does this business offer?”.

Consistency. You would be using your logo everywhere and in everything you would do. You would add it to your signage, store, products, invoices, website, and social media accounts among others.

Approval. Your audience needs to see your logo in a good way to capture their interest. Expectedly, someone who sees a very badly designed logo could already conclude your business is not doing well. It is a strategy to make people proceed into asking what you do after being attracted to your logo.

Lasting. A good logo sticks to your business forever. It is good if you do not even consider making a few tweaks in its concept after long years of carrying it.

The facts elaborated why logos cost too much, which should no longer be a surprise to you. This may also imply that to succeed in business, you also have to invest even in small things.

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