About Us

PVA – Graphics Hub is an affiliate of Philippians Virtual Assistants (PVA), which is a virtual assistant company, providing administrative and non-administrative support to businesses, entrepreneurs, and any individual looking into getting rid of his or her time-consuming tasks.

Throughout the journey of PVA core members, it has been evident that businesses struggle to get a hold of good graphic design service. As a result, they tend to suffer from poor marketing attempts or unimposing image development in their respective industries. Given this fact, PVA made it possible to provide project-based graphic design support to its clients over time, which is distinct from its usual long-term assignment of a graphic designer to a particular business or individual.

With the increasing demand in professional visual work, PVA decided to open its official graphics hub where customers could directly coordinate their artwork requirements. This is regardless of the projects being a short-term or a one-time undertaking.

PVA – Graphics Hub understands how crucial graphic design is to businesses. It will constantly be a component of a successful marketing campaign, good company image, and effective customer service among others.

With the help of God, we will strive to make things much easier for businesses in obtaining professional and quality graphic design without breaking their budget.